thursday thirteen #21--wow, what a month!

Thirteen Random Things I have realized this month...

1. My anxiety levels go from zero to sixty and then slowly throttle back, so it is best for me to wait until the panic subsides to try and fix the problem that set it off.
2. After calming down, I can be quite efficient. Even when my HOUSE has FLOODED, and I am across the world in England.
3. The people at my insurance company were really, really nice and helpful. Of course, they haven't had to pay any money out yet. But so far, props to State Farm.
4. I really, really love Pete. He's also one of the very few people who can get away with being in my personal space while the anxiety engine is revving.
5. I calm down much more quickly when Pete is around.
6. I like Manchester! I want to visit the museums, and learn my way around, and buy a really high tech umbrella.
7. Mmmmm curries are good.
8. When the weather is cool, I want to bake. There will be many cookies in this household; I think.
9. The month is only half over, really. Which is good because my wedding is just over two months from now!
10. I love my engagement ring. So pretty! so sparkly!

11. We've already been to two weddings this summer. And there's another one before ours--and you know what? each one has been unique and so much fun!
12. The first season of the new Doctor Who is still awesome on second viewing.
13. P.C. Hodgell is getting published again! And is writing a new book! There are excerpts of her wonderful, wonderful books on the site. And Robin McKinley has a new book out in September! Excerpt on her site as well. And yes, I mean each and every one of those exclamation marks.
Happy Thursday!

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