So far...so good

So we've been home, in Manchester, for two weeks now. It's actually been great, once we recovered from the smack-down from the jet-lag. Normally, only one of us is experiencing jet-lag at a time and sort of drags the other into the correct time zone. Not this time, this time we both wandered around zombie-like for a full week before feeling vaguely normal. I think the short days at this time of year made it even more difficult--every time I thought it was time to go to sleep and looked it outside it would be dark; it would also be 3pm, but it would be dark. And I would be sleepy. And beds look good when it's dark outside, and you're sleepy.

So that, applying for a library card, and spending thirty minutes figuring out the oven are all of the adventures so far. More to come, I'm sure. More reflections on the wedding itself, as well. Right now, I look at the pictures and think that the dominant aspect of the entire wedding is that everyone was laughing all of the time. Which as far as weddings go, is not a bad thing, I think...