instant gratification...

There is a lot of stress around the household right now. Pete is busy writing his thesis, and I'm trying to figure out how to move over here with the minimum of stress on both our parts. Now, I am not an "everything in its place" sort of girl, but I do like cleaning when I'm stressed. It combines procrastination and instant gratification in a most satisfying way.
Don't want to write the letter saying that "yes, my husband really does love me and wants me to live with him"? Clean the bathroom! Resisting trying to figure out what sort of job I really want to have?" Do the dishes! I have managed to vacuum the entire flat, scrub the oven, clean all of the tables, and scrub the bathroom floor.
And it's just now 2pm!
That means I can take a bit of a break, right? Before I get started on all of those things I was resisting doing?