so, um, I just realized that I'm not quite as "laid back" as I like to think...

Our school has begun to have more formalized "roles" for committee meetings and the like. You know, it's much like literature circles, only without the fun of books. So, we have a "facilitator," a "timekeeper," etc.. etc.. One of the jobs is "recorder." Now, I have normally ended up being the notetaker/secretary of every committee I'm on because taking notes is how I force myself to focus. Now, normally I also assume that I'm a laid back person and can go with the flow.

This is apparently not true.

My principal announced that at each of our meetings we would have to rotate the roles. This means, of course, that I can't always take the notes. To a truly laid-back person, I imagine this would be worth a shrug and a slight sigh. To a normal person, I imagine this news would perhaps cause a raised eyebrow. To me? Apparently, it sends me into a deep spiral of annoyance because, god forbid, what if "they" don't take the "notes" correctly.

I know, I know; I have no idea why it would matter at all who takes the notes. But it matters to me! I'll get over it; it was a little shocking to discover I cared so deeply, though.