so, our math teacher has run out of desks

...my resource co-teacher has run out of patience, and I am just running around.

Wow, the end of September is way, way busy! One of my very good friends teaches math at the school, and she just had yet another student added to her class (a class that was already over the contract-mandated limit). So, now she's one desk short.

We have a new "resource" teacher this year. His job is to follow the students on his caseload from class to class and make sure they are getting the help, accommodation, and attention they need to do well. Unfortunately (for him and his students, really) my district has this awful habit of sticking the resource kids (who usually don't test well) with the EL kids (who also don't test well) with the.."high flyers" (who bubble in their own names on the scantron for the test). Now, each and any of these groups could be successful given the right help and interventions--but all of the groups? simultaneously? in one classroom? Makes for some headaches, I can tell you.

And me? I have a meeting every morning and every afternoon this week. Luckily, it's still early in the game so I'm not behind in anything else, but I sure will be at the end of the week!

That said.... One of kids requested today to go sit in the back during our spelling lesson--she had finally found a book (The Outsiders) that she thought was "worth" reading. So did I let her skip spelling to read today? You bet!
And smiled each time I looked at her curled up back there.