you're going to do WHAT?

I teach quite a few second language learners. I teach quite a few kids who just don't have a lot of exposure to the variety available in the English language. Luckily, we all have a few things in common, including a sense of humor.

Apparently, during math class, the teacher mentioned that she was "going to kill two birds with one stone." Now, these kids are very literal and very funny so this comment provokes two reactions--

1) Complete and utter shock! Their math teacher kills birds! And she's going to kill one right now! In class!
2) Hilarity, English is such a weird language!

They ran right over to tell me all about it. Then, they explained that the teacher had seen the panicked looks on their faces and explained that it was an "idiom." They told her they knew what an idiom was, but they were still glad she wasn't going to kill any birds. I love my students.