this has been an *excellent* month for books

I'm reading again!

And, dear god, it is good! It'll be another all night read. I'll review it in the morning :) ... One of the best parts of it all is that our local Barnes and Nobles ran out of books! I love it when reading is this popular--especially when the books are this good!

***Okay, so I finished it, and it was wonderful. I cried. Bella was a bit whiny (as she was in New Moon, but I feel like that's just a character trait now, and I love her anyway.). As always, the book delivered on the emotion front--although I'm sure I'm not the only fan who was relieved that Edward was around during the book. New Moon was almost too painful with his extended absence. The climax is equally satisfying--now, of course, I can't wait for the fourth one!

****I went to look at Stephenie Meyer's website--and it was DOWN--because of bandwith issues--that's great! I love it when books are this popular, and this book feels like much less of a "media giant" than the Harry Potter books, so it's great to see her success.