Thursday Thirteen--number fourteen!

A small selection of thirteen things on my Ipod

I'll admit it...I'm a fan of the Ipod (and the Iphone...sigh)
1. "I Can't Decide" by the Scissor Sisters from "Ta-Da". I first heard this song on Doctor Who, and I thought it was hilarious. I really like the rest of the album as well.
2. "The Dress Looks Nice On You" by Sufjan Stephens off of "Seven Swans". It's just a lovely, lyrical song. His voice is amazing and ethereal and luminous (which I know isn't a "sound" word--but it does describe how I "hear" his voice.)
3. "Stay on Your Side of Town" by Susan Werner off of her "I Can't Be New" album. This lady has a great, smoky voice. I first saw her sing with Keb Mo, another favorite of mine.
4. Speaking of Keb Mo, I have his "Your Love" from "Suitcase" on constant rotation right now--it's just bluesy, funky and fun.
5. "Cheeseburger in Paradise"-- a classic Jimmy Buffet tune. I was raised a proud Parrothead--the man just means summer to me!
6. The opera "Carmen." This opera was the first I ever went to "live"--it was on a school trip in middle school. I was amazed and enthralled, and I still love the music.
7. "Fishing for a Dream" by Turin Brakes off of their "Jackinabox" album. This one is slightly sappy for me as I can hear my SO singing it in my head when I listen to it. It's one of his favorites and one of mine.
8. "Dashboard" from Modest Mouse's "We Were Dead Before the Ship even Sank". A great song to run, work, or jump around with. The rest of the album is excellent as well.
9. "I Hear the Bells" from Mike Doughty's "Haughty Melodic." I first heard this song on an episode of "Veronica Mars." I thought it was lovely.
10. "Midnight at the Oasis" a Maria Muldaur classic. Like Jimmy Buffet, her music was a constant in my life as I was growing up. I love her voice.
11. A series of albums by Ludovico Einaudi--gorgeous, ethereal piano music.
12. "Wine, Women, and Song" from the "Little by Little" album by Harvey Danger. Totally a fun song--great to run to.
13. The entire collection of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" radio plays because sometimes you just need a little Douglas Adams.
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