Oh, the things we forget.

Like how absolutely exhausting it is to teach six periods a day--especially at the beginning of the year when you are out of shape, out of practice, and lacking the materials (does anyone else have to wait till nearly October for all of the materials they need?).

Of course, I still loved it--teaching is such a fun job in spite of all of the "extra duties" that it entails. My favorite part so far? When a student of mine ran up to me yelling "Miss S! Miss S! I finished the Cirque Du Freak books this vacation, and I'm on Harry Potter FOUR!!". Gotta love it.

The first two days have been great. The first period back was annoying (we loop here, I keep my 7th grade students all the way through 8th grade) as I had several students come back in "punk" mode, but by the end of the three period block, I had them ticking along again. Plus, my feet hurt--I had to give up sometime around the middle of the last period and have the students come to me.

They still basically look like my old 7th graders (although one of them is taller and many of them have let their hair grow), but they are surprising me with their maturity every once in awhile. It should be interesting to share this year with them.

And now, off to lay on the couch to read. All bets are off about whether I make it off the couch and into bed before I fall asleep though.