I've never really done one about me--so TT 16 it is!

Thirteen Things about Miss S

1. I startle very easily. As would be expected, middle schoolers find this hilarious.
2. I don't remember learning how to read. I do remember a librarian taking a book away from me because it was "too difficult." If I remember correctly, I then made my dad go check it out so I could finish it.
3. I am a very insecure confident person. Once I feel comfortable with a task, I can go ahead--but I am very hesitant until I really feel I know what I'm doing.
4. I wanted to be a vet when I was in middle school. Then, I figured out that someone who was deathly allergic to cats should probably avoid that as a profession.
5. I once hit my sister's finger with a croquet ball. By accident! Her nail fell off!
6. I lived in fourteen houses before I was sixteen.
7. I love swimming, especially in the ocean.
8. I love rearranging my books. I think I just like physically handling them.
9. I was a commitment-phobe until I met my current significant other.
10. I like rainy days only if they are also days I can curl up with a good book. Otherwise, I get annoyed that I cannot curl up with a good book!
11. I re-read books. A lot.
12. I like to exercise. Right now, I'm running four times a week and horseback riding three times a week.
13. I love summer because of the fruits and vegetables that are available. Mmmmm, white nectarines!

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