to heal completely, give back

We spent the day today prepping for our students' returns tomorrow. Most of the conversation was about what we could do for the kids who had lost homes (all told, about six) and how to help the kids through the anxiety of the entire situation... Most of the time though, I wasn't thinking about the kids who needed help, but about how to help the kids give back.

I am so grateful to all of the fire departments, police officers, national guardsman, and general good samaritans that made the fire...bearable. I sincerely believe that the outpouring of support was what kept the county moving and calm through the entire week. I also believe that one of the most important parts of healing is being able to say thank you, being able to give back a bit of what was given to you.

So, even though some of our kids lost their homes, and all of us are traumatized, I don't want to forget to say thank you. I don't think I can feel better until I do.