thursday thirteen--#12

Thirteen links that I like--check 'em out!

1. ReadWriteThink --this is an amazing site for teachers. Tons of great lesson plans, Six-traits materials, and other great resources!
2. lolcats. What can I say? Most of the time, this site makes me giggle. Sometimes, it makes me laugh out loud. Silly, but fun.
3.xkcd---this is a "webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language." I really enjoy reading this comic--it is very funny a lot of the time, but, even more than that, it is beautiful and touching as well. Try checking out the "previous" comics.
4. Creampuffs in Venice --this yummy site is one of my favorite food blogs. The writing is great, and the food never fails to make me say "yum!"
5. Inhabitat --this website focuses on innovations in technology, design, and materials. A great place to visit to see what's happening in "green building" or to see if there are any great art installations or shows coming near you.
6. librarything --okay, confession time, I love organizing my books. I don't mean "she just kind of likes it when they are put away." No, no I mean "she will take all of them out of her bookcase and reorganize them as a fun summer project." It's a sickness, I know. I love librarything because it gives me somewhere to track my books online--even though I've only got about 20% of them actually done right now. My next investment is a "cuecat" to make scanning those barcodes a snap!
7. The International Children's Library-- go see what they're doing over there. Amazing things...
8. Chronicle of the Horse Forum-- this forum is a place for all sorts of horse people to discuss, ask advice, and argue. It's great, and the bulletin board has a strong and interesting personality.
9. bakingbites--- another of my favorite food blogs. Yummy and fun to look at!
10. slashdot-- an "oldy" in terms of the internet, but it's still a great place to go and see what's going on in the "nerds for news, stuff that matters" department.
11. The Open Library-- go on, pick a book!
12. tomatonation-- a great site. Fantastic articles, really well-written commentary, and of course "The Vine." Written by one of the Television Without Pity contributors.
13. Please, please check out the blogs on my sidebar. I really enjoy reading the stories of my fellow edu-bloggers, and I'm sure you will as well! Also, follow the "continue reading" link to see all of the links from the comments! It's always fun to check out other Thursday Thirteen participants!

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