the magic of reading...

During "Mock the Week," the host and guests started discussing Harry Potter. One of them shared a story that I thought was both hilarious and inspiring. One of the guests had stood in line at midnight for his copy of the book and was describing the scene. Apparently, there were hundreds of kids and their parents, students, and adults waiting for their copy of the newest book. People were dressed up as Hagrid, as Dumbledore, and of course as Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Additionally, there was a drunk man who constantly ran past yelling "Harry dies! Harry dies!" The crowd was getting more and more agitated. One child decided to take matters into his own hands.The fourth or fifth time the drunk guy ran by the kid stepped out, wand at the ready. He pointed it at him and yelled


The guy ran away.

I love it! The magic of reading at work.

p.s. I won't spoil Deathly Hallows but how much do you love how Ravenclaw students get into their Common Room? Ahh, JK Rowling, master of the fantastic detail.