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One of the areas I have been concentrating on (because apparently on vacation I have nothing to do but think of work) is the grouping arrangement we were asked to do at the conference. I think that I will probably end up doing it this way:
15-20 minutes every day we can manage it (that I will steal from SOMEWHERE): all class SSR

Then the groups will be as follows
Group 1: working on class novel/lit circle novel/stories from anthology to "create" something (a plot map, a character sketch...something)
Group 2: working (with me or resource teacher depending on class/skill) on a specific reading skill probably with same novel/story/lit circle book: (i.e. note-taking with sticky notes, one of Doug Fisher's content area strategies, something else)
Group 3: working with story to go "beyond" in some way--setting up quotes for an essay, writing a sequel, or doing some other type of activity that uses the story but sends them thinking "out" of it.

As most of my kids really did not need the SRA kits, I felt that these groups would still allow for specific reading skill work and be easy to rotate throughout the week--although, you know, the kids could easily prove me wrong there.