Thursday Thirteen--Sweet Number 9!

Thirteen Things I want!
(warning: this may be a little bit whiny and should be taken with a grain of salt)

1. I'm very worried about a new student that is being given to me. He went to an alternative school for one and a half trimesters this year because of (very, very bad) behavior issues last year. They are placing him in my happy-go-lucky afternoon class. Hopefully they will change his behavior, and he won't change theirs. I want him to be positively affected by the class and show he has changed!
2. I wish that I didn't feel as if my classes were bursting with students. It's nice to be thought competent enough to "deal" (see #1)--but enough already! I'm out of seats! I want enough room for everyone to feel comfortable!
3. I want the weather to warm up! (Yes, I know I'm in SoCal, but I'm also a wimp!)
4. I want more time to read--I feel as if I am working and working and working. (See #2!)
5. I want to lose ten pounds.
6. I want to be able to meet the needs of all of my students.
7. I want superhuman powers. (see #6)
8. I want the ability to be a calm, centered person in the face of the maelstrom that is middle school. (see #7)
9. I want my students to know how much I care about them!
10. I want all of my students to work to the best of their ability.
11. I want to become a better horseback rider.
12. I want to figure out a way to get kids to try new things with less resistance. If you thought getting them to eat vegetables was bad--you should see what they do when faced with new genres and forms of writing!
13. I want everyone to take a deep breath--look around--and thank someone for helping them with their day. And, on that note, thank you for reading this list!
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