tag!--five things about me...

I was tagged for the "Five Things" meme....so here goes (although, umm, I don't promise to be interesting...)
1) I don't own a TV. Not that strange I know--but you should hear the cries of pain when I inform my students of that fact.
2) I participate in the extreme sport known as "Three-Day Eventing" or "Combined Training" or "The Equestrian Triathlon" (apparently "crazy people leaping over large logs" isn't a good name for a sport.)For more about eventing check this link out. Basically, I ride around and occasionally jump over large logs and into ponds of water. Sometimes the horse comes with me; sometimes it decides that really I should test the water first. I find that much of the sense of humor required to work with horses translates well to middle school.
3) I lived in Paris, France for a year. I loved it there and still visit.
4) I just bought a house--a small, small house. But a house! woot!
5) I would like to write a book some day--possibly about teaching, but perhaps not.
So--I would like to be all-inclusive. If you're reading this, and you want to, consider yourself tagged!