love, love, love

Lately, I've been feeling a little shaky teaching-wise. I've had a few run-ins with parents who want to see their kids in programs that more closely mirror what they view as rigorous curriculum (namely, worksheets and take home essays). I've had to counsel several students in my morning block through some stuff that makes my lessons seem like the least important things in the world. I went into this week depressed, a little insomniac, and frustrated. And then, of course, my kids reminded me of why I'm here at 6:15am everyday.
They reminded me by responding to my determination to make it through the week with their own determination to learn. I feel as if my vulnerability over the past week has allowed us to bond as partners. I think, perhaps, I was moving too far away from them as a teacher. There's nothing like a crisis of confidence to cause me to reach out and work my tail off. And, finally, it worked. We did three successful mini-lessons this week. We slogged through some of the world's most tedious Social Studies lessons. (Ack, this new adoption is occasionally awesome and sometimes really, really boring). And, today, they laughed at my jokes. I think that the waning moon must have something to do with it, but I'm glad that this week has ended up going so well. Sometimes, I just need the reassurance of a class-full of kids who have decided, for once in their lives, to all listen. at once. Hurrah!