on a lighter note

I had my first *dear god, I'm at work and totally unprepared/ dressed wrong/ just completely bonkers* dream of the school year last night. No nakedness here, just the usual ferocious struggle to get everything ready for the first day of school. The twist this time was that, for some reason, I was alphabetizing my classroom library--and the books kept moving themselves!

Each time I put Jane Austen properly after Isaac Asimov, the lady up and moved to be next to Thomas Hardy! JK Rowling displayed a strong penchant for Lloyd Alexander, and I had to sit on JRR Tolkien to prevent him from jogging off to be next to Pamela Dean. At the end, I was sitting at the pinnacle of an enormous stack of books, trying to keep them from flying off wherever they would like. And then I slipped off. The books scattered. And I woke--half expecting to see books soaring across the ceiling or hiding under the bed.

But now I can remember what it looks like when books take on a life of their own. And I know that one of their secret dreams is to fly.