this is only a test...

Hmm, for some reason, all of my posts seem to be truncated on the front page. Nope, not any more, I fixed it! It's important, I think, to play around with what you can do on any one platform. I've been looking to liven up the template though, and, for awhile, it looks like I may have broken things.
I'm sure it's because blogger figured out I was considering cheating on it with wordpress. But only for the templates! The pretty templates! Luckily, in all of my messing about, I saved the original template for the blog. Uploading it appears to have worked! Thank goodness.
Of course, if I wasn't willing to play around and learn, I'd be stuck with whatever comes out of the box. I'd rather make mistakes and have to fix them than have no idea what I'm doing at all.
Excellent. Off to the library, then. And then back here for more book reviews!