Tokyo, Year Zero

I've got a new review up at bookgeeks on David Peace's Tokyo Year Zero. It was a difficult review to write. The first time I read the book, I found myself distracted (and occasionally confused) by Peace's oblique writing style. The second time around, I had an easier time of it, but the book still seemed to fall apart in my hands.
I don't want to repeat the review...(bookgeeks is a cool site to visit!), but I think it's interesting how books are labelled. When I originally picked Tokyo up, it was at least partially because it had been labelled as crime fiction, and, although there is a crime at the heart of it, that really has little to do with the experience of reading the book. It's almost like calling Huckleberry Finn crime fiction--sure there's a few crimes, but that's not the point...Still enjoyable, though. (Both of them)