you know it's getting ridiculous when...

So, in California I rode a lot. Three or four times a week, sometimes more than one horse a day. I thought I would be good with a break--I often took weeks off at a time to visit Pete, and I was looking forward to slowly starting my life in the UK--and I tend to get very busy, very quickly, with the riding and didn't want that to happen too fast.
However, in the last two weeks I have dreamt every single night that I had been riding. Every. Single. Night. At one point I dreamt I had an entire lesson and dismounted. Then, my "horse" stepped on my foot. It hurt! I woke to find my foot pinched between the mattress and the wall and fully expected a hoof shaped bruise to show up. It didn't, but that didn't mean that I missed out on a series of cross-country jumps (the next night) or a repeat of the toughest dressage lesson of my life (last night). It's one thing to miss something--but I'm now at the point that I NEED to find somewhere to ride. And somehow to pay for it. I've scouted a few places and am planning on taking the bus to them in January. My goal for finding somewhere "permanent" is mid-February. Here's hoping. It's too bad those dreams do nothing to keep my body in riding shape!