Hey, Hey, You, You

P.C. Hodgell's first two books are available again! Here! And here! And, well, everywhere around and about, I would assume. I know that I have been continuously mentioning these books for the last few days (I just re-read all of them for...well...at least the tenth time?), but they really are unique.
Hodgell has created a universe that must be described as epic...and humorous. It has everything--magic (of a sort, and connected to a seemingly all-powerful god), fighting, political intrigue, excellent secondary (and tertiary, and every level) characters and plots and manages to be dark and funny at once.
This may be because Jame, the main character, is at once heroic and human. She may be heir to the powers of her god (and it is in no way clear what that means yet), but she falls down stairs with alarming regularity and is shown making snap (sometimes disastrous) decisions just like anyone else. Sure, she is somehow ten or so years younger than her twin brother because of time spent on a literal "dark side" of the planet, but, at the same time, she also never manages to do something heroic without making herself look foolish.
P.C. Hodgell's books were out of print for awhile, and then back in, and then back out--it was torture, knowing that you couldn't find them anywhere--but now you can! Go buy them! And then buy a few for your BattleStar Galactica/Tolkien/Fan of great characters friends, and then buy a few for everyone else. They are that good.