thursday thirteen--#20 (wow!)

Thirteen Things I was doing yesterday instead of being online

1.We went to the beach to write!
2. Horseback rode--horse was a bit crazy.
3. Read two books (newest in the Kage Baker series and "Lectures on Don Quixote" by Nabakov)
4. Watched dolphins playing in the waves.
5. Texted everyone I know to tell them I was watching dolphins playing in the waves.
6. Hung out with those friends who were also at the beach.
7. Changed a tire.
8. Changed another tire.
9. Cursed all tires and the nails that are attracted to them.
10. Drove very, very slowly on the spare.
11. Planned a fun trail ride for tomorrow.
12. Called friends
13. Finally, got both tires fixed.

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1. Jennifer
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3. Jen

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