sometimes, life is good

I was reading one of my favorite author's blogs (Robin McKinley--oh, the love--and the love for the internet that makes all this wonderful stuff available to groupies like me). And I realized another author-favorite of mine (PC Hodgell) has a place where she writes.
So if you never hear from me again, at least you know that I am reading good stuff. Especially as I had to pack up my last batch of "these books travel with me at all times because if something happened to them I would be very UPSET" suitcase last night. And even though they are just in a suitcase and not actually out of reach, I don't like it. It's a sickness; I know. (one of my students once commented

"Miss S--you know how you constantly buy books? Even though you have a lot? When you keep doing something even though you don't need to? That's called a compulsion. And it's a sickness."
Cracks me up every time I remember it.)

So I am off to read.

(wondering what's in the suitcase? all of my copies of PC Hodgell's books, my original (severely battered) copy of McKinley's "The Blue Sword" and a not-quite as battered copy of her "Sunshine". These are my COMFORT books--they stay with me. If you do not own those books, and you read books for wonderful descriptive, powerful fantastic characters and plot, go get them. Go, now. The Hodgell ones may be difficult to find, but the more people looking for them, the better, and they are supposedly being reprinted soon.)