Witch Fire--update #3

Just went back into Escondido to check things out and make sure the house is still standing. House is still standing. We did take a tour around the Vineyard golf course near the 78 and saw at least a half dozen homes burned to the ground. It was awful.

I know that at least one of those houses belongs to a student at my school. Swung by the school to see what it looked like--covered in dirt from the wind but not too bad otherwise. The police and highway patrol are doing a good job keeping the evacuated areas closed off. They were very pleasant with all of the questions people had for them.

While we were there, the wind shifted again and started filling my little yard with ash. The air quality there is still awful, and it doesn't look like it's getting better anytime soon.

The smoke flared up on both sides of Escondido while we were there--we could see the fire nearest to Ramona and the one near Lake Hodges go from smoke to flames with the change in the wind.

With no school for a week and with the topic for the next weeks to come sure to be the fire, I'm sure our life will be disrupted for some time.