Thursday ThirteenQ #17!

Thirteen Things about the first weeks of school!

1. We all agree, Eclipse is an excellent book.
2. My 7th graders are not quite all grown up--but they've mellowed some.
3. The new seating arrangement seems to be working.
4. Having the AC controlled at the DO is not a great idea--my room gets direct afternoon sunlight, and when the temperature hit 104 at lunch last week, my room was toasty!
5. I'm much more organized than last year--we'll see how long that lasts.
6. It's fun to eat lunch with my village-mates again.
7. Some of my kids lives are so much more complicated than any of us realize--it's easy to understand why they cannot concentrate, but I still need them to concentrate.
8. Our first Scholastic Book Orders are going out this week. I'm so excited!
9. The new "online gradebook" our district has required us all to use will not be available online to the parents for awhile.
10. I'm sleeping the sleep of the exhausted.
11. It's a little disconcerting to get up at 5am to run and have it still be warm outside. I hope the heatwave breaks soon.
12. Kids are funny. And wonderful. And aggravating.
13. Back to school Night is next week! I LOVE Back to School Night!

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