Thursday Thirteen--number 16!

Thirteen Things you would see in my classroom right now

1. Stacks of books (lots!)
2. Boxes of books (lots!)
3. Books neatly tucked away in bookshelves. (sigh, not so many..)
4. The entire contents of my cabinets--I somehow thought it would be great to take *everything* out to "get a fresh start." Dear god.
5. A countdown to Monday--when the kids show up!
6. My "teacher" books slumped on my desk--oof, I have a lot to read before Monday!
7. The folder that contains the first ten of the million memos I will get this year.
8. A list of my students posted on the wall.
9. Bulletin boards waiting to be hung up.
10. My "welcome to the world of reading!" sign
11. Various items for the students to explore to learn about American History.
12. Did I mention the *entire* content of my cabinets??!!
13. A tired teacher, right in the center--but still working!

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