The A.C. in the O.C.

Well first, a disclaimer: I'm not actually in the O.C.--I just liked the rhythm of the title. However, I am sure at some point all of California will turn into a giant Sim City 2000 type megalopolis. Hopefully, there will be arcologies--because those were very cool.
That digression aside--I've been in to my classroom a few times this week, but I haven't been as productive as I would like. The temperatures have been in the mid/high 90's, and although that translates to the 80's in my classroom, it's still too hot to get any work done.

For a few days, I got very little done and thought about ms. whatsit's post on professionalism and the habits of teachers, but now I'm just getting anxious. Whether or not my district is counting on teachers coming in early (they are), I need to come in early. I have so much to do.
1. Books to put away--they were taken out of bookcases at the end of the year. We made an "attempt" to put them in boxes alphabetically, but it was June.
2. Posters/Displays/etc to put up. If you read my posts from last year, you would know that I'm...challenged when it comes to putting up anything in a straight line. For years, I blamed my height (I always had to "stretch" to make it to that top spot). Now, I realize that at some point I'm so desperate to just be done with my room that I might get a little less...picky...as time goes on.
3. Photocopy introduction letter for beginning of school year. And, oh yeah, write it as well.
4. Meetings, meetings, meetings. And I tell you, if they don't turn on the AC on the days we are required to be there, I cannot take responsibility for what might happen. (Although if you've seen Black Books you might know--Season 2/Episode 2)
5. Have at least one dream where I get to school late/forget where my classroom is/lose my keys or all of the above.

But mostly, I just hope the AC is on tomorrow so I can get my room "ready," and let the real work begin!