thursday thirteen #10--finally in double digits!

Thirteen reasons that edu-blogging is important

1. Very few things improve teaching as much as collaboration.
2. Teaching can be a lonely profession; it's nice to have another place to find a group of adults that understand what your workday is like!
3. The more support teachers get and the more support teachers give, the better our profession will be.
4. This way, we don't have to bore our SO's with day after day of tales about our students--we can tell the blogosphere!
5. That even when your students "discover" your blog, you can turn it into a great conversation (and be very relieved that you've always promised yourself not to write anything publicly that you wouldn't be willing to say publicly!)
6. Somewhere, someone knows the answer to all of your questions--or at least a good place to start looking.
7. Teachers, in general, are funny, humble, fun, passionate people. Their blogs reflect that.
8. Blogging is a form of reflection--and I, as a teacher, need to make sure I make a place for that in my life.
9. Reminders that students will be students--no matter where in the world they are located.
10. Teaching is about learning--and one of the most powerful ways to learn is from others.
11. The opportunity to tell "noodlenose" stories.
12. The creativity and dedication of teachers is amazing--and access to their thoughts and experience through a blog makes communication between teachers a worldwide event.
13. It's always good to share the love.

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