thursday thirteen, lucky number 7!

Thirteen things on my to-do list

1. Call chimney sweep (I feel like Mary Poppins!)
2. Call a locksmith (Robin Hood: Men in Tights anyone?)
3. Write out notes from last three staff meetings--yeah, right.
4. Set up wireless internet at my new house!
5. Finish moving into new house.
6. Call Nana to thank her for gift!
7. Schedule haircut (this has been on the list for awhile...)
8. Reschedule dentist appointment.
9. File paperwork from recent house purchase (this should take up several slots really, there's a LOT of paper!).
10. Throw away all unneeded paperwork from job. Even more paper!
11. Find a tree and apologize for wasting all of its siblings in pointless paper.
12. Plan month of January so I can take a real break and not do any school work.
13. Figure out where to buy Groucho Marx glasses as a gag gift for one of my fellow teachers.
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