Thurday Thirteen--number eight!

Thirteen Things Miss S does when it gets cold outside (yes, I know I'm in Southern California--but it hit 24 degrees here last night!)

1. Wimper and walk around wearing several layers of sweaters and my special "warm" socks.
2. Drink cups and cups of Trader Joe's Chocolate flavored tea--it's like calorie-free hot cocoa! (Well, not quite, but close enough!)
3. Read Little Women. For some reason, this is a read by the fireside type book for me.
4. Giggle at my students running about attempting to "skate" on the ice-slicked grass quad.
5. Nearly pull my quad attempting to walk across said grass in sneakers.
6. Dance around stupidly outside my classroom while attempting to unlock the door with shivering hands.
7. Curse self, repeatedly, for never wearing enough layers--even in Southern California.
8. Enjoy the weather! It's fun to have some chill in the air every once in awhile.
9. Celebrate that the shortest day of the year is almost over--the days get longer from now on!
10. Wear cool scarves and fun hats.
11. Lose scarves and hats--I have no idea where they go...
12. Wander around in down booties and fuzzy socks.
13. Look forward to Spring.

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