Yo Voté--and I hope you did as well!

I had a great "teachable" day today because my school site was being used as a polling place. I tromped down with both classes; they learned a ton, and we had the BEST volunteer poll person helping us out. She rocked! She shared stories that her great-grandmother had told her of when people of "color" were not allowed to vote, and she spoke very passionately about each citizen's right to vote and responsibility to vote. By the end she had my kids chanting the age they needed to be to vote (although they thought that was WAY too old!), what you had to do (register!), and what you needed to be (a citizen! naturalized! or born here!). What I loved most about her is that she looked at my mostly Hispanic class and got even more passionate--she told them that everyone counts and has the right to be heard--and then passed out the "Yo Voté" stickers.

It was great!