a turkey of a thursday thirteen (#4)

Thirteen Things Miss S is thankful about for this day

I thought of making a list of what I was thankful for in general, but I wanted to be more specific and focus on what sorts of things I love about the day itself--not the least of which is the reminder to be thankful and realize what you have!

1. My family and I always take out the beautiful plates and cutlery that we've used every Thanksgiving I remember. I love our morning ritual of cleaning and polishing.
2. I can eat several kinds of pie and no one even blinks at it.
3. Sitting down to a long dinner with the people I love best.
4. Laughing and laughing and laughing.
5. The weather down here in November--crisp, cool, and 68 degrees. Hard to beat!
6. Home-made cranberry sauce--yum!
7. Hearing what each person is thankful for--it's a great reminder of what is really important.
8. The general optimistic holiday vibe that surrounds us on Thanksgiving.
9. My mom's stuffing. So good!
10. Sighing with satiation after the meal.
11. Cleaning up with my dad--it's been our job to do the dishes since I was eleven!
12. Watching "The Muppet Christmas Carol" with my family. I have no idea how this tradition started (Possibly because we're Jewish, and thus felt no issue with watching this movie "early" :) ).
13. Having the opportunity to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to the blogosphere!
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