thursday thirteen, the third!

# 3 Thirteen Things that help Miss S re-center herself

1. Re-reading Little Women or Robin Mckinley's The Blue Sword (for the 100th time each). I find something so cathartic about reading books I know and love.

2. Finding a new book to love, currently Stephanie Meyer's Twilight. (go read it! it's great!)

3. Speaking with loved ones--near and far.

4. Laughing with my colleagues.

5. Horseback riding

6. A long walk

7. Lots of exercise.

8. Drinking lots of water and feeling healthy.

9. Hanging out with friends and "forgetting" work for awhile.

10. Realizing I do make a difference in my job.

11. Organizing myself/cleaning up and putting things away...(yes, strange, but I find it soothing!)

12. Re-watching old favorite movies (Hitchcock's The Lady Vanishes comes to mind)

13. Just looking around and realizing how much I have and how lucky I am.

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