oops, guess that was NOT the response she was going for

Today I had a teacher phone my class during break and announce that my students were launching pencils over the balcony. I immediately asked her who it was, and she informed me that they had "run off" before she could get their names. I then, casually, mentioned that most of my students were in during break so I would also inform Mr. "T" that it could possibly have been his students (he's next door).

At this point I was met with an absolutely incredulous noise and then stony silence. Apparently, there is no way that these kids could be anyone's but mine. I mean, they were right in front of my room. Of course, right in front of my room is a walkway that is traversed by most of the kids going anywhere--- but no ....my children are to blame. Now, this is partially my fault because my morning block is full of children who would certainly consider tossing pens over the balcony--which is why for all of my classes I have a rule that, when they go outside for break, they bring nothing but their sweet selves--giving them nothing to throw anywhere. (Well, except for the one kid that was playing with the water in the water fountain, but we've taken care of that.) She was not pleased, and I was left totally confused. What did she want me to do? Why, in the world, was I the only teacher it could be? I did wonder, briefly, if it was because I had a reputation for having the ELL and "difficult" classes--but my afternoon class is a run-of-the-mill 7th grade class, and I hope that wasn't why in any case.

I, of course, just ended the conversation with a promise that I would talk to my kids, and I did--but they steadfastly swear they did nothing. And, you know what? I believe them! (but I'm still not sure how to deal with the silence, and "it must be your students" stuff.)