deep breaths, deeeep breaths

Today in a reading journal one of my students wrote:

I like the book New Moon, Miss S---! But, I'm going to put it down for awhile because it's not AR--it doesn't have a test for it. It would be like a worthless 400 pages...
Things like this drive me batty. A book you like? worthless? because there isn't a test on it? At our school, we are currently embroiled in a discussion about the merits of incentives and reading. There is a definite "yes" camp (the tests make them read ! and check for comprehension!) a definite "no" camp (make them read by making them readers! have a discussion with them to check for comprehension for goodness sake!) and a definite "whatever" camp (I'll do what I've always done, could this be over now?).

I am trying to marshal some research about making (and keeping) readers, but I am also trying to go into the meeting open minded, adult, and calm. I am re-reading Frank Smith and breathing slowly and deeply. I am. I am. I am.
We'll see how that goes.