list two...shorter reads

This list will be a selection of "short" (under 120 pages/or under 200 pages but a quick read) that I would suggest to students who are reluctant to read "long" books. They are not necessarily "easy" books, rather they represent authors who have, quite lyrically, written shorter stories.
1) Alice Hoffman's "Color" series (Aquamarine, Jade, Indigo). These books (and there are more to come, I am sure) are fantastic. The stories are simple--but the imagery and writing is powerful. Most of them come in at under one hundred pages, and they are wonderful both as "hooks" for reluctant readers and as recommendations for higher level readers who want to be introduced to new authors.
2) MausI and MausII: these are two of the most famous "graphic" novels ever written. Depicting both his own relationship with his father, and his father's experiences as a Jew in WWII Poland, Art Spieglman has created a classic. These books are NOT for very low level or very impressionable students as, although they are drawn through the metaphor of "cats" and "mice" the actions in the stories are true to the experiences of the Jews of that time. A great addition to any curriculum on Anne Frank.
3) The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle (or any other book by Avi really, as most of them are quite short). This is a fantastic book with a strong female lead character who goes on adventures and takes care of herself. A good antidote for the reader underwhelmed by girls just sitting and waiting to be saved. Also good are: Nothing but the Truth and Crispin.
4) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Douglas Adams)is actually a fairly short book--not for the lowest level readers...but for those with a wacky sense of humor...
I will add more...