16th of February

Of course, I can never call in sick (even if I am) because I am terrified of the paperwork that would pile up. How am I supposed to "encapsulate" a student that has only transferred to my class that week? How am I supposed to encapsulate any student when I have 38 other ones to tend to as well? Of course, if I wrote what I really thought it could be quite different:
1) Not achieving in class: quite possibly because has been in class so rarely that I have no face to connect to the name
2) Well on the way to achieve the life goal of becoming "hella":
3) I am only the babysitter
4) Can not read
It's not as if I cannot write "absences affecting grade." I just feel that "absences affecting grade" does not communicate the real problem--CHILD NEEDS TO BE IN CLASS TO LEARN.