thursday thirteen, one day late!

Thirteen Things about Miss S

1…. I got my first book as a gift this Thursday! It was on "remarkable women." Awesome!

2. My fellow team members are fantastic--they really keep me going!

3. I would love the power to stretch time and thereby enable my enormous, over-subscribed "remedial" class to split into two so I could really teach!

4. My students bring me fruit after lunch. My students, in fact, bring me food all the time. Hmm, they must have heard the "apple a day" idea!

5. I'm currently re-reading a favorite book from when I was in middle school--"Anne of the Island."

6. A few of my kids are leaving town because a recent change in the laws has their parents worried about being harassed as illegal immigrants (even though one family, at least, is not).

7. When the kids ask "are we your favorite class?" my answer is always yes! And I mean it! (right then anyway...)

8. They don't know it, but I'm making my kids read a LOT. Hahaha!

9. I love Thursday--it's basically the end of the week, but if you've missed something, you've still got Friday to get it done!

10. I still forget my lunch sometimes.

11. I sometimes wish my last name was easier to pronounce.

12. I am a compulsive book-buyer and loaner. I have to loan them, I don't have enough room when they're all around!

13. I love my job, even when it's tough.

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